How Do I Remove Security Lug Nuts?

Removing a set of security or locking lug nuts from the wheels studs on your car requires you to have a lock key: Each set of lug nuts have a specific pattern cut into the top sides of the lug nuts, and you must have the matching key for those nuts, or you will not be able to remove them. If you have lost the key or purchased a car with locking lug nuts that did not come with a key, you can order a replacement from the manufacturer. Most manufacturers stamp their name on the lug nuts for easy identification.

Retrieve the lug nut key for your car. Often, they are stored in the glove compartment of the car for easy access.

Place the key over the locking lug nut, engaging it into the grooves on the nut. Place a lug wrench onto the lock key, as you would for any lug nut on the car.

Push in on the lug wrench to ensure the locking key stays fully engaged with the wheel lock, then turn it counterclockwise and loosen the locking lug nut. Move to the next wheel and repeat the process. Continue around the car until all the security lug nuts are all loose.

Things You'll Need

  • Locking lug nut key
  • Lug wrench
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