How do I install a us duravit toilet?

Updated March 23, 2017

Duravit toilets are a popular model of toilet made in Germany and designed by Philippe Starck. The designs are considered classic and water-efficient with smaller-sized tanks than most American models. There are one- and two-piece models as well as models that have the tank built into the wall behind the toilet bowl. Installation of a Duravit toilet involves some slight adjusting at the base to compensate for the lower platform.

Check local building codes to ensure that permits are not required for interior changes to a home's structure. You don't want to finish the job and have to tear it out because of failure to check ahead of time.

Turn water off at the valve. This is the diamond-shaped knob located at the rear of the toilet. Flush the remaining water from the old toilet; two flushes should be sufficient to drain the bowl and then the tank. Put on heavy-duty gloves to protect yourself from bacteria. Remove remaining water from the tank and bowl with a sponge.

Remove the tank bolts and the water supply line. Straddle the bowl, remove the tank and set it aside. Remove the bolts that secure the bowl to the floor with a socket wrench size that matches the bolts. Rock the bowl back and forth to break the wax seal and carefully remove the bowl. Use a putty knife to remove remaining wax on the floor.

Use a damp towel to plug the drain so sewer gases don't escape into your home.

Turn your Duravit toilet bowl upside down and stick a new wax ring around the hole on the bottom of the bowl. Secure anchor bolts to the floor where the old ones used to be. Use the bolts that come in the box with the toilet to secure it to the floor. Remove the cloth you used to prevent sewer gases from escaping. Flip the toilet over and place it over the hole in the floor, aligning the holes in the side of the bowl base with the anchor bolts you just installed. Rock the bowl back and forth to seal the wax ring, and slightly tighten the provided nuts over the anchor bolts by hand.

Place a level over the seat to make sure the bowl is level. If needed, insert shims -- thin pieces of wood -- underneath the edges of the bowl where it is not level. Use an adjustable wrench to finish tightening the nuts on the anchor bolts when the bowl is sitting level. Place covers over the bolts. The bottom platform on Duravit toilets is lower than many U.S.-made toilets, so you may have to make some adjustments with the wax ring and the shims.

Place the tank over the bowl. Guide the tank by fitting the tank bolts into the holes on the bowl. Bolt the tank to the bowl using provided bolts. Assemble the toilet valve assembly inside the tank. The black piece will screw into the water intake hole in the left rear of the tank. The white tube will plug into the black piece and will drain into the centre white pipe attached to the flapper. The handle attaches to the stick in the tank with the chain attached to the flapper.

Reconnect the water supply, then caulk around the base of the bowl. Turn the water supply on and let the tank fill. Flush the toilet and check for leaks from the tank, bowl or underneath.


Duravit also makes other models of toilet that involve a tank that is behind the bathroom wall. This would require ripping out existing walls so make sure you know which model you are purchasing.

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