How to Start a Golf Driving Range Business

Updated November 21, 2016

If you are someone who is passionate about golf, a golf driving range business will allow you to combine your love for golf with a legitimate career opportunity. Prior to starting a golf driving range, you need to understand how to run this type of business. You also need a well-researched business plan, which will help you secure funding and will provide a solid foundation for the business. Running a driving range can be hard work, but the rewards can be worth it.

Develop a business plan for your golf driving range. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, the components of a successful business plan include an executive summary, in which you describe the business goals and objectives of your driving range; a business description, which outlines your driving range business and the factors to your success; a market strategies section, which discusses your target market and pricing, distribution and promotional strategies; a competitive analysis, which describes local competitors in your area and their market share; a design and development plan for how your driving range will be structured, how many hitting bays it will have and where it will be located; operations and management plans for how you will run the driving range; and financial components such as financing strategy, projected revenues, expenses and profits.

Find a piece of land that is suitable for your driving range. Look for large pieces of uninhabited land in your local area. Choose an area that fits the number of hitting bays you specified in your business plan. Or, you can choose to lease an existing facility. Location is important, so choose a place that gets plenty of traffic.

Apply for licenses, permits and insurance policies. These will vary depending on your local area.

Find financing for your driving range. Network at local business events to find investors. Search online for investors by typing in a search phrase such as "golf driving range investors" plus the name of your city or state. Find investors on websites such as, or Once you have identified a list of suitable investors, present your business plan to each of them.

Purchase the land and equipment necessary for the driving range. Buy new or used equipment such as hitting bays, turf, buckets, lights, golf balls, golf clubs and machines. You can talk to driving range owners in your state who may be looking to sell some of their equipment, or buy this equipment from driving range suppliers like and

Once you have all your licenses and permits in place and you have set up all of your equipment, the business will be ready to open to the public.


Consider adding additional services at your driving range like a pro shop, restaurant or golf lessons. These can be additional sources of revenue for your business.

Things You'll Need

  • Business plan
  • Location for your driving range
  • Range buckets and equipment
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