How to Write a Sympathy Card for the Loss of a Husband

Etiquette states that we should send a card of condolence when an acquaintance, friend or family member's husband passes away. Finding the right words to express sympathy is not always easy, as the situation is delicate. It is important to find calming and encouraging words to help your friend cope.

Begin your sympathy card with a short introduction. For example: My heart is full of sorrow after hearing about Jay's passing.

Add a short line of condolence. For example: My thoughts and prayers are with you; Know that I am there during this time of sorrow; or, Please accept my sympathy for Jay's passing.

Add a short paragraph about a memorable moment spent with the deceased. For example: Jay spent his life helping others with his mechanical abilities. He saved me several trips to the repair shop simply because he saw me having problems in my driveway. I am so grateful he was part of my life!

Offer assistance if desired. Make the offer in such a way that it is not open-ended. Specifically state things you could do for your friend, such as preparing a meal, taking care of the children, running to the store, housesitting or taking care of the family pet. The person grieving may not know what you can do for her. Putting down a specific suggestion will help to keep her focused on her needs.

Close the sympathy card with a heartfelt statement such as: My thoughts are with you; Thinking of you; My prayers are with you; or, With sincere sympathy.

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