How to Charge Versapak Batteries

Written by michael wallace | 13/05/2017

A Versapak battery is a cylindrical, rechargeable battery that is used in many electric power tools. There are two different kinds of Versapak batteries and each requires its own charger. However, once you have the charger, you'll find that charging the battery is almost the same kind of process as charging a mobile phone battery.

Determine whether your Versapak battery is VP100 or VP110. This information is written on the battery, but they are also colour coded. A gold Versapak battery is VP110 and the silver Versapak battery is VP 100. Purchase a Versapak battery charger from your local hardware store that corresponds to these specifications

Plug the charger in and place the battery in the charger port, making sure the connectors on the bottom of the battery are flush with the panels on the bottom of the charger port. An indicator light will appear on the charger confirming the charge.

Remove the battery when the LED light indicates the battery is charged. As a rule, the silver batteries require one hour to charge, while the gold batteries require from three to six hours.

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