How to add channels to sky digital

Written by michael batton kaput | 13/05/2017

For European television hounds, Sky Digital is one of the premier digital satellite services. It provides dozens of channels that can all be accessed from Sky Digital's satellite service. However, some channels are not initially listed in Sky Digital's channel selection menu. You can manually add new channels to your Sky Digital set-up using just a few buttons on the remote and a free online resource.

Access your Sky Digital box's "Services" menu.

Select the "System Setup" option from the menu. Select the "Add Channels" option from the next menu.

Use an online table (see Resources) to enter the transponder frequency and polarity of your satellite; these numbers will differ for Astra satellite users and Eurobird satellite users.

Choose "Find Channels" after you have entered the transponder frequency and the polarity. Highlight the name of the channel you wish to add and press the yellow button on your remote.

Press the "Select" option to add all of your selected channels to the "Other Channels" list, which you can now access from the Services menu on the main screen of your Sky Digital set-up.

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