How to Create Pay Stubs for Free

Written by grace ferguson | 13/05/2017
How to Create Pay Stubs for Free
A pay stub is a breakdown of the employee's income and deductions. (Comstock/Comstock/Getty Images)

A pay stub helps employees understand how they were paid. It provides gross-to-net earnings and lists the wages and deductions for the pay period in question. If state law requires you as an employer to give your employees a pay stub, you must comply. If you use payroll software, the system generates and prints pay stubs based on inputted data. If you have few employees, you may not need to invest in payroll software. Instead, you can create the pay stubs for free.

Make free pay stubs with an online paycheck calculator, such as or Paycheck Manager. Features may vary slightly, but most calculators have similar procedures. For example, to print pay stubs with PaycheckCity you have to first register for free, but Paycheck Manager does not have this requirement. Choose the hourly or salary calculator, then enter the employee's wages and deductions. Calculate the paycheck to obtain gross-to-net wages.

Create free pay stubs with a spreadsheet program. Put the employer name and contact information at the top-left side of the worksheet. Put the employee name, address, pay period dates and the pay date at the top-right side of the worksheet. Go down a few spaces and create headings/columns for regular hours, regular pay rate, salary (if not hourly), gross wages, payroll taxes, garnishments (if applicable), voluntary deductions and net wages. You can also include overtime hours and wages, if applicable. Enter the relevant information for each employee. Subtract deductions from gross earnings to arrive at net wages. Save a copy of the template on your hard drive for future use.

Obtain a free pay stub template from the Microsoft Office online community. Templates are user-submitted and therefore may vary in quantity and quality. You must have Microsoft Excel 2007 or a later version installed on your computer to access the template.


  • If you have many employees, it's best to use payroll software to process your payroll and print pay stubs. Or you can outsource your payroll to a payroll service provider, which can process your payroll and send you the pay stubs by payday. You can include the employee's year-to-date earnings on the pay stub, which can come in handy if he needs to file his tax return using his last pay stub.

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