How to Repair a Logitech X-140 Speaker

Updated July 19, 2017

The Logitech X-140 speakers allow you to listen to music from your computer or your CD or MP3 player. You can also plug your earphones into its headphone jack for a more private music session. Just like other speakers, however, you may encounter problems with your Logitech X-140. You need to know how to troubleshoot these problems so that they do not interfere with your audio sessions.

Press the power button of the speakers to turn it on. If it does not power on, ensure that the power cable is plugged into an active power outlet.

Unplug the audio cable of the speakers from the audio port of the computer. Plug the audio cable into a CD or MP3 player if you have access to one. If you hear sounds from your Logitech X-140 speakers, the problem may be with the sound card of your computer. If there is still no sound coming out, adjust the volume controller to maximum. Proceed to the next step for instructions on how to adjust the volume of the computer.

Click "Start," "Control Panel," "Hardware and Sound," "Sound" and then "Adjust System Volume." Adjust the volume slider and make sure that the "Mute" feature is not turned on.

Check if there is a headphone plugged into the headphone jack. Unplug the headphone from the speakers. Note that the volume of the speakers is muted when a headphone is connected.


If the steps above do not solve the problem, bring it to the store where you purchased it for repair or replacement. If it is no longer under warranty, consider purchasing a new set of Logitech X-140 speakers. Speakers are disposable and affordable. You may end up spending a lot more than you expect if you have it repaired.

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