How to recycle stairlifts

Written by pat smith | 13/05/2017
How to recycle stairlifts
Stairs are an insurmountable obstacle for some. (staircase image by Ekaterina Sidorenko from

Stairlifts, after professional installation, help people with injuries and disabilities get up and down stairs in their home. It gives a level of mobility that might not otherwise be possible. Stairlifts can be expensive, so if you have one you don't need, recycling it through donation ensures that someone who can't afford this important medical equipment will have a chance at a more mobile life.

Call the company that installed or manufactured the stairlift and ask about their removal and return policy. They may offer a small stipend for recycling, or may offer free removal if you want it donated. They will often then sell it at a discounted price if it's in good working order.

Call the Silver Cross at 1 (800) 572-9310 and ask about donating a chairlift in your area. They have pickup services around most major cities in the U.S. and Canada. Arrange a time to have a representative drop by and evaluate the chairlift, or ask for a referral to a similar local agency if Silver Cross cannot reach your area.

Ask intelligent questions. When someone comes by to remove your chairlift, either from the manufacturer or Silver Cross, remain an informed consumer. Ask questions about the removal process, cleanup, and whether your wall or stairs will need any repairs. If it's a tax-deductible donation, ask for a receipt so you can list it on your tax return.

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