How to Dispose of Kerosene

Updated February 21, 2017

There are many home uses for the fuel known as kerosene. You might use it to power household items, such as furnaces, lamps or domestic heaters. If you have kerosene that you need to dispose of, you need to understand that it cannot just be thrown into your trash like other household items. Kerosene is flammable and potentially toxic when ingested or inhaled or when it comes into contact with someone's skin. Because of these potential dangers, you need to dispose of kerosene correctly.

Store your kerosene in the proper type of container until you're ready to dispose of it. The container should be approved for potentially toxic, flammable materials and have a tight-fitting lid. Leave several inches of space between the kerosene and the lid because it will expand.

Get the contact information for local hazardous waste collection centres and programs. To dispose of hazardous waste, they need to be a licensed hazardous waste collector. You can find contact information for such centres and programs by contacting your local government office or by using online resources, such as Earth 911.

Contact each hazardous waste collector and program to make sure they accept kerosene for disposal. Since kerosene is a fuel, most should accept it.

Contact local gas stations if you cannot find a licensed hazardous waste collector. Some gas stations will accept the kerosene and dispose of it for you.

Bring your kerosene in the safety container to the collector you found. Be careful that none of the kerosene spills while being transported by keeping the lid on tight. Let the service worker know that the container has kerosene in it.

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