How to Propagate Moneywort Cuttings

Written by axl j. amistaadt | 13/05/2017

Bacopa monnieri is beloved by freshwater aquarium hobbyists for its decorative value, as well as its agreeable and forgiving nature. This hardy, tough stem plant thrives under nearly all conditions and isn't fussy about much of anything. Moneywort planted in substrate will grow to the water surface quickly under optimum lighting and continue horizontally if it isn't pruned. You can easily propagate your moneywort by cuttings whenever you like -- or when it grows too tall for your taste.

Check your moneywort daily before it grows tall enough to reach the surface if you only wish to take one or two cuttings from it. The plant is ready to propagate when you begin to see roots forming at the leaf nodes of each stem. These roots will grow very quickly from all leaf nodes.

Find an attractive stem of the bacopa to take your cutting from when roots are about 1/2 to 1 inch long.

Snip the stem tip from bacopa with clean, sharp scissors when roots are about an inch long. Make your cut about an inch below the roots. Remove as much or as little of the stem as you wish -- the moneywort won't care.

Plant the cut end of the stem gently in the substrate just deep enough to completely bury the roots.

Allow bacopa to reach the surface of the water and begin growing horizontally if you would rather take a larger number of cuttings.

Clip 2-inch long cuttings when roots at the leaf nodes are about 2 inches long. Make each cut 1/2 to 1 inch below a rooting node. Take as many cuttings as you like from each stem.

Plant each rooted moneywort cutting in the substrate.

Things you need

  • Sharp, clean scissors

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