How to Make Roman Women's Clothing

Updated November 21, 2016

You may want to know how to make your own Roman women's clothing if you want an easy-to-make costume for a party or event. In early Roman times women would wear a toga similar to that of a man's. This was made from a single length of material, generally white in colour, which was draped gracefully around the body. According to the toga was also known as a symbol of peace, as men in the army did not wear togas. Women would usually wear the toga over a tunic.

Find a large bed sheet or alternatively purchase four to six yards of suitable fabric. Togas are generally thought of as being white in colour although Roman women often wore purple, pink and blue so choose the colour you prefer. You can wear a T-shirt of one of the relevant colours beneath the toga if you prefer to add an extra layer.

Hold the top corner of the material to the top of your left shoulder. The length of the material should fall to your knees or lower. Pull the material across your chest and lower you chin to your chest to hold the material in place as you wrap it tightly under your right arm and around your back. Bring the material under your left arm and again across the chest and under the right arm. Bring the second top corner across your back and up to the top of the shoulder to meet the first corner.

Secure the two corners at the top of your shoulder with a large broach. Roman women often wore jewelery such as broaches to embellish their outfits and to show their wealth.

Accessorise the costume by tying a length of gold rope around your waist and wearing either leather or gold sandals. Roman style sandals can be purchased online and in shoe stores.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 bed sheet
  • Broach
  • Gold rope
  • Leather sandals
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