How to Unlock a Samsonite Combo Lock

Updated February 16, 2017

Samsonite gives travellers, workers and students a way to protect their belongings with locking suitcases, laptop bags, briefcases and backpacks. Valuable items are often brought along while travelling, and a lock keeps would-be thieves from looking in your bag. The locks on Samsonite baggage are secured by setting a three-digit code. The bag or case can be opened by turning the lock's dials to the three numbers of the combination. Once you enter the correct numbers, the lock's button may be pushed in to release the lock and open the bag.

Remove the red plastic covering from the lock if you have not used this lock before.

Enter the factory combination of "0-0-0" if this is the first time you have used the lock. If you have previously used the lock, enter the combination you are currently using.

Push the lock's reset lever down, then use the number dials to select a new three-digit combination. Push the lever back up when you are finished.

If you lock uses a reset button instead of a lever, push the button inward while turning the dials to the new combination you want to use. When finished, release the reset button.

Turn the dials to other numbers to secure the lock.

Turn the first dial on the lock to the first number in your three-digit combination.

Move the second dial to the second digit, and the third dial to the third digit.

Press in on the lock release button, then pull open the lid to the case or bag.


When choosing a combination, do not use a number that may be easy for others to guess, like part of your phone number, address or birthday.

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