How to Grow Bean Sprouts Commercially

Updated February 21, 2017

Bean sprouts add crunch to salads and snacks and are a nutritious, fresh way to add greens to the diet. There are dozens of different varieties of beans that produce flavourful sprouts. Dried beans are fairly inexpensive and easy to sprout for home consumption or commercial production. Sprout several different types of dried beans to offer customers variety and to determine which are the popular favourites.

Sort through the dried beans carefully to remove any small pebbles, sticks or debris, then rinse. Discard any broken beans or beans that float in the rinse water.

Soak beans for eight hours, rinse and drain.

Place beans in hemp or linen drawstring bags. You may purchase bags from online vendors or natural food stores. You may also make your own from any material that allows quick drainage and air circulation. Bags that are 12 inches wide by 18 inches deep are ideal. Beans expand up to three times their size during the sprouting process. Allow them plenty of room for expansion and do not fill the bag more than half full.

Rinse the beans every eight hours. During the rinsing process, gently move the beans about within the bag to prevent sprout roots from attaching to the sides of the bags.

Store sprouted beans in sealed plastic bags in the refrigerator. Sell your sprouts at farmer's markets or to whole food vendors.


Beans may also be sprouted in clear glass jars or on screen trays. When using glass jars, cover the lid with cheesecloth and invert the jar to provide drainage. Experiment with different methods to determine which method works best for your commercial production goals.

Things You'll Need

  • Beans
  • Sprouting trays
  • Drawstring hemp or linen bags
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