How to Gift Wrap Tickets

Updated March 29, 2017

Buying tickets for a loved one (and a ticket for yourself) for a concert, sporting event or the theatre is a thoughtful gift as it involves spending quality time with the person you love. However, unlike a large present that you can easily gift-wrap, wrapping tickets can prove more difficult. Because the tickets are delicate, you do not want to wrap them in paper as the recipient may accidentally rip them as they unwrap. Although you could place them in an envelope or enclose them in a greeting card, with a little imagination, you can find a number of ways to creatively present your tickets.

Choose an item relevant to your tickets. For example, if the tickets are for a baseball game, put them in a baseball glove. For a trip to the theatre, place your tickets in a relevant book or CD. Think about an object that ties in with the event and use this object and wrap the tickets inside it. You do not have to specially buy the item as you may already have it in your house.

Put the tickets into a large box to leave the recipient guessing as to what the gift is. Create the illusion of a big gift by finding an old cardboard box and placing the tickets inside.

Wrap up your item or box with the tickets enclosed. Include additional tissue paper if you put the tickets in an obvious-shaped item such as a book to fill out your gift package, so that the recipient cannot determine the contents.

Add ribbons or bows to your gift if you wish. Coordinate your embellishments to match the wrapping paper you chose. Use creativity as part of the fun of receiving the gift is its presentation and overall appeal.

Attach a gift tag. Write a cryptic clue, a "save-the-date" or just a simple "happy birthday." The gift tag is often overlooked, but put a little time into what you write to really show that thought and effort have gone into purchasing the gift.


Plan a mini-treasure hunt to find the gift. Leave little clues around the house that lead the recipient to the gift. Tie in your clues with the event the ticket is for.

Things You'll Need

  • Tickets
  • Gift wrap
  • Cellophane tape
  • Gift tag
  • Pen
  • Box
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