How to Arrange a Christening

Written by katelyn coyne | 13/05/2017
How to Arrange a Christening
A christening is a monumental event for a young baby. (mother with baby in church image by Pavel Losevsky from

Sharing your faith with your infant is a special rite of passage for parents and babies, as well as a time to celebrate your new joy with friends and family and introduce the newest member of your family to the community. In addition to the church ceremonies, christenings also require a reception for invited guests to mix, mingle and coo over the baby.

Ask a close friend or relative to perform the godparent duties at your child's christening and for the rest of their lives. The most important part of the christening is the trust placed in the godparents of your child.

Contact your church or clergy member whom you want to perform the christening. Coordinate the church schedule with your schedule and the godparent's schedule to decide on a date.

Find a location for the reception to follow afterward. Most churches will have a cafeteria or multipurpose room of some kind to use. Or you could choose to invite guests back to your home. Depending on your budget and the size of the party, a restaurant may also be able to host your christening reception.

Make a guest list. Decide if you want your christening to be a large event or an intimate gathering. Send out invitations at least one month prior to the event with information about the time and locations of the christening and the reception. Be sure to ask guests to RSVP.

Go shopping a week or two before the event. Not only do you need to find a beautiful christening gown for your child, you should also shop for decorations for the reception. Decide on a theme for your reception like "nursery rhymes," and purchase decorations in this theme for the reception location.

Schedule a session with a professional photographer to capture memories of your baby in her christening gown. You may also want to hire a photographer to come to the christening and reception.

Pack up everything you will need the day before the event, including baby supplies, the baby's gown, a spare outfit in case of emergency and decorations. Arrive early to the christening reception location to decorate. Then head to the christening to meet with the clergy member and greet guests as they arrive.

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