How to Find an Address From a P.O. Box

Updated April 17, 2017

Post Office boxes are provided by the U.S. Postal Service as an alternative way to receive mail. By using a P.O. box instead of a home address, you have increased privacy and security. People who use P.O. boxes usually receive mail at a faster pace than those who have mail delivered to a home address. Although it can be difficult to find the home address of a particular P.O. box owner, there are some online search engines that can attempt to locate the owner's address. A private investigator is another option to find a P.O. box owner's address.

Open up a web browser and search for online sites that offer reverse P.O. box information.

Go to site and locate their P.O. box search engine. Enter the P.O. box number and the state.

Review the results and see if the person you are looking for is listed. If they are not, you can try an alternate search engine or use a different method to locate them.

Search the Internet for one of the many pay websites where you can research names and addresses. One such site is

Select "Postal or P.O. Box" search located under the search categories on the right side of the page.

Hire a private investigator and give the information you have found at one of the pay websites.


When using online P.O. box directories, sometimes more specific websites will offer you better chances of locating a person. For example, some states, schools and counties have directories that provide the names of P.O. box owners specific to that area. Using the Google search engine to lookup results for the P.O. box may provide information on the owner or at least the location of the box which may be helpful.

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