How to Program Channels on a Durabrand DU1901 TV

Updated April 17, 2017

"Durbrand" is a trade name used for generic electronic products sold in Walmart stores, but produced by many different electronic manufactures, including Emerson and Sylvania. To program channels on a Durabrand DU1901 TV set, which is not connected to a cable or satellite receiver, the TV must be hooked up to a digital-to-analogue converter box. Since the switch to digital TV in the United States, television broadcasters are no longer transmitting analogue TV signals. However, the Durabrand DU1901 model TV is only equipped with an internal (NTSC) analogue tuner. Therefore an external (ATSC) digital tuner is needed to decode broadcast TV signals.

Cut power to the Durabrand TV before executing any cable connections.

Connect the TV antenna's coaxial cable wire to the (RF) "Antenna In" terminal located on the digital converter box's rear panel.

Use the independent coaxial cable wire to connect the digital converter box's (RF) "TV Out" terminal to the "RF In" terminal on the back of the Durabrand TV set.

Plug the small end of the power cord, which came with the digital converter box, into the converter box's "DC In" jack. Plug the other end of the power cord into a power strip or wall outlet.

Turn on the TV and digital converter box.

Tune the Durabrand TV to channel 3.

Aim the digital converter box's remote control at the converter box receiver and press the "Menu" button to display the Menu screen.

Use the arrow buttons on the digital converter box's remote control to highlight "Channel Scan" in the menu options. Press "Select," "Enter" or "OK" on the remote to initiate the channel scan operation. This procedure will likely take a minute or more to complete. Do not interrupt the process. You'll see a meter bar on the TV screen indicating how much of the scan is currently complete. When the bar reaches 100 per cent, the channel scan is done.


To watch TV, keep the channel on the Durabrand TV unit itself set to channel 3. Instead of using the TV set's channel buttons to tune in to a specific local TV channel, use the channel buttons on the digital-to-analogue converter box to tune in to the local channel you want to view.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital-to-analogue converter box
  • TV antenna
  • 75-ohm coaxial cable
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