Scrabble Junior Game Rules

Updated April 17, 2017

The game of Scrabble, originally named Lexico and then Criss-Cross Words, was invented during the Great Depression by architect Alfred Mosher Butts. He wanted to make a game that used vocabulary skills of a crossword puzzle and anagrams, along with chance. Many additions of Scrabble has been made over the years, including Scrabble Junior, which was designed for children who are five years old and older.

Game Setup

First lay the game board side down that has letters and pictures on the squares. Place the 44 scoring chips in a spot where all players can reach them. Turn all 101 letter tiles face down and then mix them up in a pool. Each player draws a total of seven tiles and places them face up in front of them. A player then must be chosen to go first and the player to the left of them goes next.

How to Play

A player must play two of their tiles by covering and matching letters on the game board squares. The first player can either play a tile on the first letter of two different words or on the first and second letters of the same word. After the first player lays down tiles, each play afterward must consist of laying two tiles down on either the first letter of any word or the next letter open of any word already started. After your turn draw the number of tiles you placed down to have a total of seven tiles at all times. If you cannot use any of your tiles during your turn you must replace two of them with two in the pool.

Scoring Chips

When you complete a word by covering the last letter you receive a scoring chip. If you complete two words with one of your tiles, pick up two scoring chips.


When the pool does not consist of any more tiles, the players must continue playing until the tiles before them are used. When all 101 tiles are placed on the board it ends the game. The player with the most scoring chips wins the game.

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