How to Make a Macrame Seat for a Chair

Updated February 21, 2017

Making a macramé seat is a great way to repair a damaged chair. This style is most commonly used in repairing lawn and garden chairs, though macramé cord can be stretched and knitted to create a seat for indoors as well. Macramé takes time to master; however, many projects like this one can be done by novices.

Wrap the end of the cord around one corner of the chair seat. Tie a knot in the cord, leaving four inches of the macramé cord below the knot. Place a crochet hook through the tie loop of cord that runs under the frame of the chair. One piece of the cord should be under the hook and the other piece should be over the flat part of the hook.

Run the spool of macramé cord across the chair seat and repeat Step 1 on the other side. Make sure the cord is pulled tight.

Wrap the cord around the opposite bar of the chair. Pull the cord under the bar and wrap it over the bar. Do this two times to create three strands of cord across the chair. Pull the loose cord over the top bar and use a chain stitch to hold the cord tight. A chain stitch is made by pulling the crochet hook through the loop the hook is in. Making a chain stitch around three strands of cord makes the macramé tighter and sturdier.

Pull the cord back over the bar and slide the crochet hook into the cord in the same manner as in Step 1. This will set up the next chain stitch.

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 until the rest of the chair seat is covered.

Wrap the remaining cord around the frame and tie it off. Cut the cord, leaving a four-inch piece of cord below the knot. Remove the crochet hook on the side you tied off.

Pull the cord at the other side of the seat through the chain stitch. Pull the four-inch cords across the bottom of the chair and tie them to the fourth strand from that edge. The knot should be just bellow the chain stitch.

Repeat the entire process on the other two sides of the chair to make the seat sturdier. The cord can be wrapped over and under the first set of cords to create a woven design. Different coloured cords are often used to make interesting designs.


A Size-J crochet needle can be used with 4-mm cord for children's chairs.

Things You'll Need

  • Chair frame
  • 100 yards, 6-mm macramé cord
  • 2 Size-K crochet hooks
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