How to Address a Relocation in a Cover Letter

Updated March 23, 2017

The job cover letter must provide additional information about you that your resume can not provide such as examples of your work ethic and people skills. Essentially, the cover letter should be the face of your resume. If the job you are applying for is in another city or state and relocation is necessary, you must highlight this point in a cover letter. The employer must know you are serious about the position and willing to relocate for the job.

Start the cover letter by introducing yourself to the hiring manager or the person who has written the job posting.

Write the basic body of the cover letter as you would a cover letter for a job position in your local city or town.

Add the relocation part before the conclusion of the cover letter. State that you have noticed that the company or job position is in a different town than your current town, but that you are willing to relocate to the town or city in question. Include information about times you have relocated in the past such as for schools or jobs, and how the move is not a problem for you. Some employers may be afraid of transferring you, only to have you quit because you miss your home. Ensure that you convince the employer that you are relocating due to the job opportunity and that you are thrilled about it.

Write that you look forward to hearing from the company regarding your application. Add that the reader should please note that relocation is not an issue for you and should not be considered a factor in the application process.

Sign the cover letter and send it off with your resume.

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