How to Troubleshoot the Ford Navigation System

Updated July 20, 2017

Ford vehicles equipped with the SYNC multimedia system can access navigation system features, such as route directions and traffic information. Through its voice command function, you can get directions to any destination as well as updated traffic information along the way. The system may be complicated to use for some, so you may need to troubleshoot to solve a problem.

Activate your SYNC account online. You cannot use direction services with your SYNC system until you have activated the account. Visit the SYNC owner account link in the resources section to register your account.

Pair a mobile phone with the SYNC system. SYNC uses your mobile phone network to get direction and traffic information, so you must first pair a compatible Bluetooth phone with the system. Press the "Phone" button on your centre console, select "Settings" and choose "Add." On your mobile phone, turn on Bluetooth and search for devices. Select the SYNC system on your phone and enter the passkey that the system gives you.

Turn off caller ID blockers on your cell phone. If your phone blocks unidentified numbers, you will not be able to connect to the SYNC system. Turn off any call blocker functions that your phone may have. Refer to your phone's manual for directions on how to do so.

Press the Talk button, then wait for the tone before giving any voice commands. The system will not register your command if you talk too soon.

Speak loudly and clearly when giving voice commands to ensure they register correctly. Also, reduce cabin noise as much as possible. Turn off the radio and make sure that other people in the vehicle are not making any noise.

Press the Talk button and say "Help" if you do not know what voice command to give. The system will give you a set of available commands so that you may proceed.

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