How to make your own neon green nightcrawlers

Updated February 21, 2017

Originally, neon green nightcrawlers were manufactured by Nitroworms for fishing enthusiasts. These bright green worms really caught the attention of hungry fish and led to more catches for fishermen. They were so popular that they also now come in other colours like neon red, blue and purple. These cool worms are just regular earthworms that were fed a green dye. Since earthworms urinate through their pores, the green dye turned the worms green from the inside out. You can make your own neon green worms at home now for fishing or just for fun.

Fill your plastic terrarium half way with very moist soil. This will be your worms' habitat.

Place the worms in the terrarium.

Sprinkle Worm Glo all over the worms. Be careful not to get it on your hands because it's hard to wash off.

Put the lid on your plastic terrarium so your worms don't escape and stow the terrarium in a cool, dark, moist place for two to five days.

Remove your worms from their cool, dark, moist place. They should now be glowing chartreuse green.


View your glowing worms under a black light for really cool effects.


Don't try to feed your worms regular food colouring. It will block their pores and kill them.

Things You'll Need

  • Live nightcrawlers
  • Plastic terrarium
  • Soil
  • Worm Glo
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