How to Do an Emo Fringe

Updated April 17, 2017

Emo style -- a sort of punk-rock style most popular among teenagers and young adults -- is a trendy style based around tight clothing and a dramatic yet playful and flirty hairstyle. To achieve the Emo hairstyle, you must focus on the fringe or bangs of the haircut; the most noticeable part of the style. You can create the perfect Emo fringe on your own, with a quick cut and style.

Wet your hair. You can use a spray bottle with water or simply wet your hands and run them through your locks to dampen the hair and prepare it for cutting. Wetting the hair helps make it easier to achieve such a dramatic, distinctive shape in the hair.

Comb the front section of hair downwards, over your forehead. The wider you want your Emo fringe, the more hair you need to comb down into this section.

Cut across this section of hair on an angle, either to the left or right side. You do not need to be exact with the angle, but the sharper the angle, the more dramatic an Emo fringe you achieve. You can use your fingers as a guideline, by placing your index and middle finger around the section of hair on an angle and cutting just above them.

Squeeze a medium sized amount of hair gel or wax into one hand, rub it together between your palms and evenly distribute throughout the fringe section of your hair. Pull on the ends of the hair as you apply gel on the strands, to create an edgy, pointed effect. Your fringe should be spiked and set off to one side of your face.


For the most authentic Emo fringe and hairstyle, your hair should be coloured dark and in particular, black. You may want to cut your hair over a sink or place a towel on the floor before cutting to avoid making a mess.

Things You'll Need

  • Water
  • Comb
  • Scissors
  • Hair gel or wax
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