VW Oil Filter Instructions

Updated July 20, 2017

Oil filters are often one of the most replaced items on a car, due to regular maintenance requiring oil to be changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Due to the filters becoming clogged with old, syrupy oil, changing the filter is second nature with any oil change. With Volkswagen cars, it is very easy to have difficulty in replacing your oil filter due to its set-up so here are instructions to help safely guide you through your process.

Removing the Filter

Before removing your oil filter, make sure all of the oil has been drained out of the car through the drain plug otherwise the flood gates will open through the oil filter area and oil will be excreted everywhere. Setting up a drain pan directly underneath the site where the oil filter is (usually on the bottom of the engine towards the passenger side), unscrew the filter with your hand or, if it is on too tight, an oil filter wrench will work just as well. As you begin to unscrew, oil will begin to slowly exit from the engine which is all right as it is just extra oil that was sitting in the oil filter. When it is all the way off of the engine, set it in the drain pan and allow all of the excess oil to leak out of the engine from the spot where you just removed the oil filter.

Replacing the Filter

Now that all of the oil has been taken out of the car, putting the new filter on will be the first step. Start by taking a bit of the new oil and lubricate the threads of the filter just enough so that installing it back on to the car will be easier and eliminate cross-threading. Once you have used your finger to do a quick go around, stick the filter back into its spot and thread it into position. Once it has become hand tightened, take the oil filter tool and give it one more small tug just to make sure it is in position, but do not overtighten as it could lead to future problems when taking it off again.

And thats it, you have replaced your oil filter and can now continue to change your oil, just make sure that you put the drain plug back before filling the car up with the new oil.

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