How to Convert XPS to Excel 2003

Written by helen jain | 13/05/2017
How to Convert XPS to Excel 2003
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Microsoft Office programs allow a document to open as different files. When converting a file from XPS to Excel in Excel 2003, there are some intermediate steps to take. Excel 2003 does not automatically convert the XPS files into a file usable by Excel, but there are options to convert the files to an appropriate Excel file.

Download a preferred converter software. Websites such as Free Downloads Center or File Buzz have XPS-to-Excel 2003 converter software available for downloading. Simply click on the preferred software and select "Run" when prompted. Install the software when the download is complete.

Open Excel 2003. Select "File" and "Open." Browse through the files to find the XPS file. Select the file and click "OK." The software will convert the XPS file into a format that Excel 2003 can read.

Select "File" and then "Save As." Create a preferred name and change the file extension of .xps to the Excel extension instead. Click "Save."

Close the file and reopen it to check that it saved properly. Close Excel 2003 when completed.

Things you need

  • Converter software

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