How to roll & display bath towels

Updated November 22, 2016

When it comes to the bathroom there are only so many options for decorating in a limited space. One way you can create a visual impact in the bathroom is to display bath towels so they are not only attractive but also easily accessible for use. By rolling your towels you can avoid piling a stack of towels so high it falls over or overloading the shelving in your linen closet with towels with no room for other items or supplies.

Spread out your towels one at a time on a flat surface. Fold in the lengthwise edges to the centre of the towel. Fold the towel in half to bring the width edges together, the lengthwise fold inside.

Hold the paired width edges with both hands and roll the towel toward the width fold. Set the towel roll aside, facing down to hold the fold, or tie the towel with decorative ribbon to hold the roll secure. A ribbon is good when the towels are decorative, and not for daily use.

Display the rolled towels by placing upright inside a wicker basket, canvas bin, metal bucket or something different, like a small antique trunk. Allow the size of the container to determine the number of towels you can display. Place on the floor, sink counter or on the back of the toilet.

Use a set of open shelves or the seat of an old chair to stack the rolled towels in a pyramid shape. A small pyramid with a three-towel base uses six towels while a larger four-towel base pyramid uses 10 towels. As you place the towels be sure the open edge is facing down to hold the fold.

Place rolled towels in an unused wine rack, as a variation. Each rolled towel can be set into its own nook, like a wine bottle. As towels are removed and used, the remaining towels won't be disturbed.


Include washcloths and hand towels in your display by rolling them and pyramid stacking or bundling upright.

Things You'll Need

  • Bath towels
  • Ribbon or string, if desired
  • Baskets, canvas bin, metal bucket, train trunk, if desired
  • Open shelves, chair, if desired
  • Wine rack, if desired
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