How to open a sentry safe without the combination

Having a personal Sentry safe is a great idea. By keeping your valuables in a Sentry safe, you ensure that they are protected at all times from burglars, which offers some relief and peace of mind. However, if you forget the combination to your safe, you might be inclined to panic. Thankfully, there's a way to get into your Sentry safe and retrieve your items even if you don't have the combination.

Move your Sentry safe to an area where you can comfortably work, if possible. Insert the key into the safe and turn to unlock. Pull up on the combination handle and hold firmly in place for the rest of the steps.

Turn the combination dial slowly to the right until it clicks on a number. Move the dial two more numbers to the right. Write this number down.

Turn the combination dial to the left until the dial stops. Write this number down.

Turn the combination dial to the right until the lock disengages. The handle will pull up even more and the door will open. Make note of this final number.

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