How to Find People by Birthdate

If you are searching for a person, knowing the date of birth is a good starting point. When starting a search, the date of birth will help distinguish between several people with the same name and even the same middle initial. The date of birth will also help you to trace the person's whereabouts. You will be able to use the combination of name and birth date on search sites to find out many details about the person.

Find the person's date of birth, if you do not know it already. One way to do this is to check drivers' registration records, which list birth dates. You will need to know what state they are registered in. Some of these records are not open to the public.

Do a Google search on the Internet. Put the name of the individual in quotations, and put the date of birth in quotations as well, in order to secure the most accurate results. You may not find the person with this initial search. Look for sites that are geared in particular toward date of birth searches and sites like which give you a shortlist of possible matches with your person.

Narrow down your shortlist by trying to find a record of the person's name and birth date listed together. Check Facebook for anyone with the same name as the person you are seeking. Many people list their birthdays on their profile page. If you are a member of Facebook, your search will encompass everyone on Facebook. This is because members have the option of omitting themselves from a public Google search. There is a Facebook group devoted to people who share birthdays, which is also worth checking. Other social sites, such as Linked In, also allow public searches.

If the person you are looking for is deceased, check the Social Security Death Index; it is free to search on sites such as You will have to know the name of the person, and have a rough estimate of their date of death. This will pull up a page of results that you can then check for birth dates.


Be aware that some search services may charge search fees.


Drivers' registration records may list a woman under her maiden name.

Things You'll Need

  • Name and date of birth of person you are looking for
  • Internet connection
  • Membership in social media sites (optional)
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