How to Troubleshoot the Paslode Finish Nailer

Updated February 21, 2017

The Paslode finishing nailer is a cordless nail gun that is used for nailing trim and moulding to walls. The gun features a quick clear for nail jams, no mar tip, depth of drive adjustment and two step follower for easy loading. You can troubleshoot problems with this nail gun relatively easily.

Check that a nail has not become jammed. A jammed nail will create a poof-like sound. Remove the battery and fuel and clear out the jammed nail. Push the drive blade to the top of the tool. Replace the battery and fuel and test the gun. Another possible cause of the poof-like sound is using the wrong fasteners.

Check the fuel cell if the gun is no longer working. Find a work surface away from heating elements and open flames. Remove the fuel cell from the gun. Hold the cell upside down. The black valve will be positioned down, towards the floor. Push the white stem found on the black valve with a hard object. A small puff of fuel should come out when you press the white stem. If nothing emerges then the fuel cell is empty and needs to be replaced.

Flashing red and green lights on the battery charger is a sign of a bad battery. The battery will need to be replaced if they flash red and green for more than 20 minutes when charging the battery. After 20 minutes the lights should stay solid green. If the lights do not change then a replacement battery is needed, as the battery is not charging.

Check the fan wires or motor if the lights on the handle start flashing red and green. Remove the cap and grill to access the fan motor wires. These wires are black and red in colour. Check that the wires are not broken or pinched. If they are damaged then replace with new wires. If they look fine, unplug the white wiring connector on the motor. Wait a few seconds and plug it back in. This can reset the electrical system and remove the error.

Check that the gun has not run out of fasteners. Without fasteners the gun will not shoot a nail and will blank fire. Dirt in the gun can also cause a blank fire. If you have used the gun for more than 10,000 nails the gun may need to be cleaned.

Things You'll Need

  • Fasteners
  • New fuel cell
  • Battery charger
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