How to Modify a Revox Turntable

Updated June 04, 2018

Beginning in the 1950s, Revox distinguished itself in the world of consumer turntables with a uniquely designed product. Unlike traditional turntables that use a swinging tone arm to hold the cartridge and stylus, Revox equipped its line of record players with a stationary arm that transports the cartridge back and forth along a fixed track. Although this linear tracking mechanism has since fallen out of popularity, the turntables are still used by many audiophiles. By following a few simple steps, you can customise and modify your Revox turntable.

Replace the cartridge and stylus within the linear tracking mechanism to produce differing sound characteristics. A variety of cartridges are available that reproduce audio with distinct equalisation settings. Some cartridges create brighter tones whereas others produce a warmer, muted tone. Although the linear tracking mechanism is very different from typical tone arms, the cartridges used by both types are identical. Follow the instructions provided with your turntable to install a new cartridge correctly.

Change the speed of platter rotation to calibrate the turntable for a variety of records. The majority of Revox turntables are configured for the traditional 33 and 45 RPM operation settings. Models such as the B291-S use a digital display to provide information on the current speed settings.

Replace the motor within the turntable to enable 78 RPM operation. The B790 turntable comes equipped with a motor capable of operating at a higher RPM level than other Revox products. If you do not own this particular model, vintage audio equipment suppliers may stock this particular motor. The physical dimensions of the B790 motor allow it to be transplanted into other Revox turntables. Consult a technician before you attempt to replace an unwanted motor, as the process may require mechanical skills you are unfamiliar with.


Replace your turntable's cartridge and needle on a regular basis to ensure optimal results. Overused or damaged needles may produce distorted or muddled audio. In addition, worn needles may damage the delicate grooves on your vinyl record.


Always unplug your turntable before you attempt to replace any electronic parts. The risk of shock is always present when you are manipulating electronic hardware and wiring that is still connected to an outlet or power source.

Things You'll Need

  • Revox turntable
  • New cartridge
  • New stylus
  • New motor
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