How to Repair a KBC Helmet Visor

Written by philip foster | 13/05/2017
How to Repair a KBC Helmet Visor
Wear your KBC helmet to decrease the chances of a crash. (parked motorcyle image by Peter Baxter from

The KBC company manufacturers safety helmets used for motorcycling and snowmobiling. Many of the KBC helmet models feature a protective visor that shields your eyes from flying debris. Small rocks and pebbles may crack or scratch the iridium coated visor of your KBC helmet. A damaged visor will decrease your visibility and in turn increase the likelihood of an accident. KBC recommends replacing the visor entirely to optimise the performance of your motorcycle or snowmobile helmet.

Place the base of your KBC helmet onto a flat work table. Locate the mirrored or iridium-covered visor of the helmet. Raise the scratched or cracked visor to the open position. Examine the sides of the helmet to find the triangular release levers.

Place one of your thumbs over each of the release levers. Apply downward pressure to release your old visor from the ratcheting system of the KBC helmet. Wrap your fingers around the bottom edge of the visor. Lift the visor slowly until it detaches from the side of the helmet.

Rotate your KBC helmet on the work table to view the back side. Lower the replacement visor onto the sides of the helmet in the open position. Locate the tabs found on the inside of the new visor. Align the circular tabs over the locks of the ratcheting system.

Place your hands over the tabs of the new visor. Apply pressure over the tabs until they emit a clicking sound. Lower the replacement visor while listening for a second clicking sound. Open and close the visor to ensure it has been locked into the ratcheting system. Raise the release levers to secure the visor in place.

Things you need

  • Replacement visor

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