How to change an ADT code

Updated July 20, 2017

Home security systems can give a peace of mind to their owners. Depending on your location, home and renter's insurance can also be lowered with the addition of a monitored home security system like the type sold by ADT. ADT recommends you change your PIN and system codes from time to time to prevent tampering.

Create a new access code.

Enter your current access code on your security system's keypad. Then press the "Status" button and press the "8." The panel should beep once. Then enter your new code number. After five seconds the keypad should display "OK," indicating your task iscomplete.

If you do not have the code for your keypad or have lost it, contact ADT. In some cases, they have the code stored with your account information. If not, you may have to replace your keypad.


There are two different codes that are changeable with an ADT system. The first is the code that arms and disarms the physical security system in your home. The other is your PIN number that the ADT call centre will require when speaking to them about alarm calls or billing issues. Either way, you'll need the old PIN and security number to make a change. If you don't have them, you may have to ask ADT to install a new keypad for you.

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