How to Hide Bobby Pins

Written by alisa herrscher | 13/05/2017
How to Hide Bobby Pins
Hair clips are a must have when creating an updo hairstyle. (beautiful androgynous mannequin image by Tamara Kulikova from

Hair clips are commonly used in casual or elegant updo hairstyles. Visible hair clips would not complement a sophisticated updo, so these techniques of hiding them will come in handy for your next formal dance or night on the town. Hair clips are the basic tool for updos and secure all the hair in place when placed correctly.

Choose hair clips that match or are close to your hair colour. If you have black hair, use black hair clips. If you have brown hair, use the brown ones and if you have blonde hair, use the beige ones.

Place the hair clips vertically instead of horizontally. When you place the hair clip vertically, you tuck them down in the bun or updo concealing the pins in the hair. When you place the hair clips vertically, the pins have a great chance of being noticed.

Cover the hair clip with crystal barrettes or flowers. After you place the hair clip in your hair, clip the accessory to a portion of the hair that is located above the hair clip.

At the top of your updo leave a few loose strands of hair. After pinning the hair clips securely in your hair, manipulate the loose strands of hair so that it naturally covers over the hair clips. Curling the loose strands will add some style to the updo.

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