How to Reduce Text Size

Updated July 20, 2017

By default, the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system displays text at a resolution of 96 dots per inch (DPI). However, the system also gives users the ability to increase this value and make it easier for people with vision impairments to read on-screen content. If this setting was previously adjusted on your computer, but you no longer want to use the larger size, you can revert to a smaller setting with just a few clicks.

Click the Windows "Start" button and select "Control Panel," followed by "Appearance and Personalization."

Click the "Adjust screen resolution" item in the resulting window.

Click the "Set custom text size (DPI)" item on the left side of the following screen.

Click the "Scale to this percentage of normal size" drop-down menu in the resulting dialogue box to select a predefined text size. If you want to use a custom value, type the percentage amount in the menu field instead.

Click "OK" to confirm the change.

Close all open programs.

Click the Windows "Start" button, click the arrow located to the right of the "Shut down" button and select "Restart." Your changes will take effect as soon as Windows restarts.

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