How to Reinstall MAMP

Written by craig witt | 13/05/2017

Short for Macintosh, Apache, MySQL and PHP, MAMP brings together Web server, database and application software in a single package. By installing this package on your Mac OS X computer, you can operate a local Web server capable of running database-driven applications without configuring each component individually. If you experience problems with an existing MAMP installation, consider removing the current software and installing it again. Once you understand the proper steps, performing this task requires just a few clicks.

Open your computer's "Applications" folder, either by using the cursor or by pressing the "Shift," "Command" and "A" keys simultaneously.

Click on the "MAMP" folder, hold your click, drag it over the Trash icon near the bottom of the screen and then release your click. This action removes the current MAMP installation from your computer.

Open a Web browser window and navigate to the "Downloads" page on the MAMP website. (See Resources.)

Click the "Download: MAMP & MAMP PRO" link. Save the resulting ZIP file to your desktop when prompted by your browser. An installation window automatically appears on your screen once the download process completes.

Click the "MAMP" folder (not the adjacent "MAMP PRO" folder) within the installation window, hold your click, drag the folder over the "Applications" folder near the top of the window and then release your click. MAMP installs automatically.


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