How to change maps on power commander 3

Updated July 20, 2017

The Power Commander 3 USB is a digital tuning device for racing motorcycles. By plugging it into your bike's inline fuel injection system, you can use either the device itself or a Windows computer to adjust fuel settings and gain the most horsepower out of your system. Maps for this program offer pre-adjusted settings for specific makes and models of bikes so that you don't have to use trial and error while maximising your bike's driveability and performance.

Download maps from the manufacturer's website. Choose "Products" from the top menu, then "Power Commander," then "Power Commander III USB." Use the drop-down menus to find the make, model and year of your motorcycle. Look at the map numbers and descriptions and note the map specifications you wish to install. Click "To Download All Map Files Click Here," which will download a binary executable file. Maps are also available on the CD-ROM that was included with your Power Commander 3.

Decompress the downloaded file's contents using decompression software like WinRAR or 7Zip and place the file's contents in a folder of your choosing.

Plug your Power Commander 3 to your computer by using the included USB cable. Secure the connections and power on the device. Power to the Power Commander 3 can be provided either by the supplied 9-volt "power up" adaptor or from your vehicle running.

Launch the Power Commander 3.

Click "Open Map File." Navigate to the folder in which you saved your maps, and select the map file with the number you noted earlier. The "Fuel Tables" and "Ignition Tables" grid will populate with numbers demonstrating "Throttle Position" and "Engine Speed (RPM)."

Click the "Send Map" button to send the data from your computer to your Power Commander 3. Map data will be stored on your device in its nonvolatile memory until you replace it with a different map. Adjust the map's fuel curve and settings using either the buttons on the device's faceplate or the software on your computer --- click "Send Map" to send any changes you make to the device via the software, and click "Save Map" to create your own map file for later use.


If the device isn't communicating with the software, make sure that power is being supplied to the Power Commander 3. If you don't have a Windows computer, you can use the Power Commander LCD Unit, which allows users to view "real time" data on their Power Commander, to store and use multiple maps, and to make adjustments without the use of a computer.

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