How to Install Fluval 4

Updated April 17, 2017

The Fluval 4 is an underwater filter suitable for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. The filter implements an optimal water filtration system, with large filter volume and effective flow control. Additional features on the filter include an air flow control device, and water flow adjuster. A 90 degree swivel spout directs the flow pattern of the water. Although the filter is purchased nearly intact, buyers must install a few minor pieces prior to use. Connect these small pieces to the Fluval 4 in order to securely attach it to the aquarium.

Attach the three suction cups to the small rectangular suction cup bracket.

Insert the small hose adaptor or airflow control venturi nozzle into the water outlet on the filter. Make sure that the adaptor's hole is facing upwards.

Push the airflow control device or venturi valve into the top of the nozzle.

Slide the suction cup bracket onto the rear of the filter and hold it securely in place. Then attach the filter to the inside of the aquarium. Make sure that the airflow control device/venturi valve remains above water level, in order to for the device to work properly.

Plug the filter into a nearby wall outlet using the connected AC Power cord.

Adjust the direction of the water flow by moving the horizontal water outlet from side to side. Change the water flow rate by switching the waterflow adjuster from "+" to "-".


See Resources for a link to the Fluval 4's user manual, which provides detailed images to accompany this guide.


The Fluval 4 is directly influenced by the water flow adjuster, and by the accessories installed on the horizontal water outlet. To achieve proper results, the water flow adjuster should be set to "maximum", and no other accessories should be attached to the horizontal water outlet. Additionally, make sure all aquarium appliances are disconnected before working with them in water.

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