How to Send a Text Anonymously

Updated April 17, 2017

When text messages are sent from phone to phone, the sender's information, such as the phone number, is included in the text message. If you want to send a text message anonymously, you can do so using a service such as "TxtEmNow" on the Internet. This service allow you to send a anonymous text message for free to a designated phone number. It is a violation of "TxtEmNow" terms of service to send messages of a harassing, threatening or unlawful nature.

Access the "TxtEmNow" service from your Web browser.

Enter the number, with no dashes or spaces, you wish to send the text to into the "Mobile Phone Number" dialogue box.

Leave the "Contact Name" dialogue box blank.

Click the bubble that matches the region the recipient is in.

Type the text message you wish to send, up to 140 characters, into the "Message" dialogue box, then click "Send the text!" to send the anonymous text message.

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