How to Use Super Kegel

Written by tony pierce | 13/05/2017
How to Use Super Kegel
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Kegel exercise is the name given to activities that work out PC muscles in your pelvic floor. These muscles are used in urination, bowel movements, sexual intercourse and childbirth in women. Men and women can both benefit from kegel exercise. The Super Kegel Exerciser from Verseo is one piece of equipment that can be used to exercise those muscles.

Place Super Kegel Exerciser between your thighs with the open end back between your buttocks.

Squeeze the Super Kegel using your pelvic floor muscles.

Hold the squeeze for five seconds.

Release the Super Kegel Exerciser and relax for five seconds.

Repeat the exercise five to 10 times, three to five times per day.

Increase the amount of repetitions and sets as you build your muscles.

Things you need

  • Super Kegel Exerciser

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