How to Fit Engineered Flooring

Updated April 17, 2017

Engineered flooring is made of different layers of wood. The outer layer is made of completely solid wood, while below it are thin layers made from different types of engineered wood. Because of all of these layers engineered flooring has much more dimensional stability than a floor made of solid hard wood. However, engineered floors can only be sanded and refinished very few times before it needs to be replaced entirely.

Climatize the engineered flooring by leaving it in the area where it will be installed overnight. This will allow the engineered flooring to adjust to the temperature in the room before installation which reducing the possibility of the wood warping due to temperature change.

Rack the engineered wood by laying out several random packages to create a random pattern. Use one of a scrap pieces of flooring to mark jambs in the walls that may need to be cut to fit the flooring. Measure the vertical height of the flooring and mark the jamb. Using a hacksaw cut the jamb to accommodate the flooring. This will save you the time and trouble of having to come back and cut it later.

Measure out from the starting wall the width of two individual planks of the engineered flooring plus 1/4 of an inch. Mark this spot on each end of the wall. Use a chalk line to create a straight guide line to follow through the entire length of the floor.

Spread the adhesive on the floor from the chalk line back to the wall using a V-notch trowel. Install the first two rows of engineered flooring on the adhesive, while ensuring that each individual plank is strait against the chalk line. Make sure the tongue of each plank is facing the same direction.

Spread the adhesive in 2- or 3-foot sections at one time and install the rest of the engineered flooring following the pattern from the first two rows. Place the tongue of each plank into the groove of the next one. Use a tapping block and a hammer to ensure that the planks fit snuggly together.

Cover the already-installed flooring with blue painters tape once you have 1 foot of uncovered floor left. This will keep it from drying unevenly. Measure the uncovered space you have left and cut the last pieces of flooring with the mitre saw to match that width. Spread the adhesive over the uncovered area and place the newly cut engineered flooring into that area.

Place blue painters tape over the newly covered area allowing it to dry evenly like the rest of the floor. Wait 24 hours for the adhesive to dry before removing the painters tape. You now have newly fitted and installed engineered flooring.


Hold the trowel at a 45 degree angle when spreading adhesive, and don't use it sparingly. Otherwise the planks will slip out of place.


Do not work on top of the installed flooring until you reach the very last row and even then step lightly so you don't knock the planks out of their places.

Things You'll Need

  • Wet wood adhesive
  • Mitre saw
  • Hacksaw
  • V-notch trowel
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