How to Repair a Vintage Seiko Watch

Written by daniel fox | 13/05/2017
How to Repair a Vintage Seiko Watch
A vintage Seiko watch in need of repair, requires the proper attention. (Watch image by JASON WINTER from

Seiko is a Japanese manufacturer of wristwatches. Seiko is one of the leading makers and suppliers of timepieces in the world. Vintage Seiko watches are highly sought after when it comes to the foreign market. A vintage Seiko watch is a classic and requires the proper maintenance. When your Seiko is having functional issues, you will need to have it repaired in order to secure efficiency and permanence.

Go to the Seiko USA website. Click "Contact Us." Hit "Customer Service Center." Using the world map, click on your place of residence. Review the contact information for various service centres as well as company headquarters. Start with the corporate office. You can contact Seiko via phone, mail or e-mail. The Seiko headquarters for your region will be better equipped to handle issues involving vintage watches. Based on their instructions, arrange to have the watch shipped to Seiko directly or to a service centre in your area.

Contact your closest watch repair shop. Aim for a location that deals or specialises in vintage watches. Ask if they are able to repair a vintage Seiko watch. If they are able to provide a repair, arrange to bring your Seiko in for fixing.

Bring your watch to an official Seiko retailer in your area. Inquire into repairs for older model Seikos. If assistance is available, plan to have your Seiko repaired.

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