How to Deregister a Panasonic Handset

Updated February 21, 2017

Panasonic is a Japanese electronics company based in Osaka, Japan, that make a range of electronics, including TVs, DVD players, VCRs and cordless telephones. If you have a Panasonic cordless phone you might want to end the wireless connection (deregister) the handset from the base station. This is useful if you plan on using the handset with a different base station. Deregistering a Panasonic cordless handset is uncomplicated and will take only a few seconds.

Press the "Menu" button your Panasonic handset.

Press the "#" key on the handset.

Dial "131."

Dial "335" and select "OK."

Dial the number of the handset you want to deregister. If you only have one handset, press "1." Dial the number again if you make a mistake.

Select "OK." Tap the "Up" or "Down" arrow until "Yes" is selected. Press "Select."

Press "Off" to exit if you deregistered a handset apart from the one you are holding.


Instructions may slightly vary by model.

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