How to Unlock a Wireless Broadband Modem

Updated February 21, 2017

A wireless broadband modem allows users to access the Internet on multiple wireless devices anywhere within the network's range, such as in a house or apartment. If a wireless modem is unlocked, the personal information and data stored on each user's computer can be accessed wirelessly by all other users on the network. For this reason, a wireless broadband modem should be locked with a username and password to protect against unauthorised intrusions. Using a Web browser to access the broadband modem's configuration menu, you can unlock the modem to change its settings and then relock it for maximum security.

Launch your Web browser and enter the IP address for your wireless broadband modem on the browser navigation bar. The modem's IP address is a series of numbers such as "" Refer to your modem user manual for the correct IP address. When the modem's home page appears, click on "My account," "Account Settings," or "Change My Account."

Click on "Advanced Settings," "Connection Settings" and then "Profile Settings" to access your password settings.

Enter the password and username that you established when you initially installed the modem to unlock the device. If you are accessing the modem for the first time, your password usually will be "admin", although this varies depending on the modem brand. Refer to your user manual for specifics.

Check the box marked "Unlock" and click "OK" or "Enter." Your screen will refresh and your modem will now be unlocked. Make whatever administrative changes you desire. Be sure to save your changes and relock the modem to ensure continued protection against unauthorised intrusions.


Every wireless broadband modem and network should be secured with a unique user name and password, known only to the owner and authorised users, such as family members, to prevent unauthorised access. Hackers and strangers within the wireless modem's range could easily access and steal personal data stored on an unsecured wireless network.

Things You'll Need

  • Wireless broadband modem
  • Modem set-up menu IP address
  • User name and password for modem account
  • Computer with Web browser
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