How to become a letting agent

Written by raene kaleinani | 13/05/2017
How to become a letting agent
In U.K. letting agents handle rental property contracts. (real estate contract image by Keith Frith from

A letting agent is a United Kingdom rental properties agent. The letting agent acts as a facilitator for private owners of residential establishments to rent and manage their properties. Currently, the UK does not require any type of certification to become a letting agent but there are some steps you should consider to help you succeed in the letting business.

Get some training and/or experience in business management, accounting or marketing to gain a professional standard of computing, writing, oral communication and negotiation skills needed for the competitive business of residential letting and management.

Sign up for a "residential letting agent training course" to gain in depth knowledge of the property management profession.

Apply for a letting agent position at a real estate agency or start your own letting agency with a start up kit you can purchase online. The kit provides you with start up tools to get you going. Alternatively, there is another process through which you can become a letting agent in the UK.

You can choose to function as a letting agent called a buy-to-let landlord if you have the means to purchase an investment property. Advertise and rent your residential property allowing the rental revenue to cover the mortgage. Develop your letting agent career through hands-on letting and grow your business by subsequently purchasing additional rental properties in the future.

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