How to Use an Eye Brightening Pencil

Updated February 21, 2017

If you have tired or dull looking eyes, an eye brightening pencil might be the solution. These cosmetics look like fat eye pencils and they come in light shades like icy blue or white. Most shades also contain just a little bit of shimmer. There are various ways to use these sticks, but brightening pencils are designed to make eyes look more alert and awake.

Apply the eye brightener to the inside corners of your eyes. Start with a just a little bit and add more until you like what you see. This will make your eyes look bigger and more open.

Apply the eye brightener along the bottom of your eyelid, like an eyeliner. Do this in addition to or instead of Step 1. This will also help to open your eye. The light colour will add brightness to your skin.

Apply the eyeliner all over your eyelid like an eyeshadow. This is a more dramatic look, but it brings focus to your bright eyes. Go for a shade that isn't too stark compared to your skin. An icy blue is better than white unless you have very fair skin.


You can use eye brightener without eyeliner or underneath eyeliner.


Don't share eye products with other people. It can lead to infection.

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