How to Retrieve a Voice Mail Number

Updated April 08, 2017

Retrieving your voice mail number will allow you to check your voice mail from your phone of from any other landline or mobile phone. Voice mail numbers allow you to access your messages by connecting you to your provider's voice messaging service. The steps to locating your voice mail number will vary based on your provider.

Click "Support" from the "Vonage" Web page. (See Resources.)

Click "Setup Voicemail" from the "Manage your account" section of the "Support" page.

Click "Using a Vonage local access number" from the "Checking voicemail via phone" section.

Click "Vonage local access number" from the "Using a Vonage local access number" section.

Select your "Country" from the drop-down menu in the "Voicemail Local access number selection" box.

Select your "Area code" from the drop-down menu. Your voice mail local access number will appear.

Click "Support" from the AT&T home page. (See Resources.)

Click "Home phone support" from the "Support" landing page.

Select the type of home phone service you have with AT&T from the pop-up menu that appears. You will be redirected to the support page for your service.

Select "Calling features" from the "Tips & tools" section.

Click the "Voicemail service" that you have on your phone.

Click "To access your voicemail." The AT&T voice mail number will be listed in the information provided.

Click the "Home phone" option from the "Qwest" home page. (See Resources.)

Click the "Customer service" tab.

Click "View FAQs" from the "Phones Services" section of the "Customer service help" page.

Select "Local service" from the "Category" drop-down list and "Calling features" from the "Subs" menu. Click "Search."

Click "How can I locate my voice mail retrieval number" from the answers list. The Qwest voice mail retrieval number will listed in the text.


You can access your voice mail service by dialling your phone number and pressing the "*" key to bypass your recorded message.

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