How to register a dect handset

Written by kenneth w. michael wills | 13/05/2017

If you own a DECT cordless phone set from a manufacturer such Panasonic, each time you add a new handset, you will need to register it to the base. (When you purchase the initial set, the additional handset is already registered to the base.) To register the handset, you will need to enter the programming menu and input the correct codes. After you register the handset, you can use it to place and receive calls from anywhere in the house. Keep in mind that registration procedures will vary according to the manufacturer. If the manufacturer's procedures do not work for your phone, you may want to consult your user manual.

Locate the "Menu" button on the handset. Find the button by looking underneath the screen, where you will see three buttons. The "Menu" button is the middle button. Press that button and enter the code "#130."

Press the "#" button when the next screen flashes.

Press the "Menu" button again, followed by "#130" when the "Enter Number" screen appears. Follow this by pressing the "1" button.

Put the handset on the base and leave it there for five seconds. Pick up the handset and press the "OK" option until the phone beeps and the red light flashes on the base.

Press the "OK" button again while the phone is beeping. The phone will search the signal and display a message indicating successful registration.

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