Instructions for a Krups Coffee Maker

Updated April 17, 2017

There's nothing like a steaming hot mug of real coffee to jolt you awake in the morning. Sales of filter coffee machines have boomed over the last decade as more people switch from instant coffee to the richer taste of finely ground coffee beans. According to the International Coffee Organization, the U.S. and Germany top the world table for filter coffee consumption. Krups manufactures a range of electric filter coffee machines, from simple one-cup coffee makers to deluxe models for making espresso and cappuccino.

Place the paper filter basket in the detachable filter holder of your Krups coffee machine.

Measure a spoonful of filter coffee, using the measuring spoon provided, and pour into the filter.

Attach the filter holder to the upper part of the coffee machine. Click the holder into place by gently turning it counter-clockwise.

Lift the hinged water container lid and unscrew the boiler cap inside.

Fill the boiler with water, using the measuring jug provided. Screw on the boiler cap securely.

Place the carafe lid on the glass carafe.

Position the glass carafe under the filter holder so that it rests on the removable overflow grid. Click the carafe into place by slightly lifting it and then turning it clockwise.

Switch on the machine to make the coffee. This will drip through the filter to fill the glass carafe.


For best results, use Krups-compatible paper coffee filters or filter baskets. Many Krups coffee machines also make espresso and cappuccino coffees. Place a mug or cup under the filter holder, instead of the carafe, and select the desired option using the three-way selector switch, which is next to the "On/Off" switch. Use the steam nozzle to froth milk.


Never fill the coffee machine boiler with warm water -- always use cold.

Things You'll Need

  • Krups coffee machine
  • Paper coffee filter
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