How to Find Women by Their Maiden Name

Updated March 23, 2017

Finding people can be hard enough when you know the person's full name, but trying to find someone who has changed her name is an extra challenge. That's frequently the case when you want to locate a woman who has got married and changed her last name to that of her spouse's. When faced with this complexity, you will have to use all available resources. Luckily, the Internet has some great resources to ease your search frustration.

Network with old friends to see if anyone is still in contact with the woman you seek.

Look up her parents or other family members. Although the woman you seek may have changed her name, it is unlikely that her parents or brother have. You can search for them via the Yellow Pages or online resources. Once found, they may be able to lead you in the right direction.

Search online genealogy websites or contact local genealogical historians in your area, especially if the woman comes from a long family line in a particular location. The information you receive will be the family history, and perhaps a family tree depicting all family members. From that, you may be able to find additional relatives to assist in locating the woman you seek. Or you may find the family line she married into, thus locating her new last name and another avenue for searching.

Search social networking sites, such as MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Linked In. Although she may have changed her name, she may still use her maiden name in these social outlets to aid connection with past friends. You may also find her friends and family who have her in their network of friends.

Search marriage records, particularly in towns where she was known to live. You may be able to find the actual marriage account, complete with her new last name.

Hire a private investigator or information broker to perform a more comprehensive search. Although this most assuredly won't be free, if it's important to you to find her, it might be worth it.

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